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Your All-in-One Back Office Solution

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"Don't let work stop you from running your business."

EasyStorePro is an all-in-one, cloud-based back office solution for c-stores that simplifies your daily tasks and lets you explore your business like never before.

"Understand your business, Inside and Out."

Fuel can be a critical component to your business. We understand that and have built a system focused on intelligent and dynamic monitoring of all key c-store categories.

"Discover profitable opportunities."

We know c-stores. Managing your store with EasyStorePro allows you to leverage our decades of industry knowledge and dynamic monitoring of all key c-stores' categories.

"Access your store's data from anywhere, real time."

You are busy running a business and need flexibility. Monitor and manage your store from any PC, MAC, tablet, or phone.

The all-in-one back office solutions for Gilbarco Passport Systems. 

  • Price-book Management

  • Fuel Price

  • Promotions

  • Inventory

  • Invoice Tracking

  • Live Sales Data

  • Reports (Day reports, etc.)

  • Multi-Store Management from the Ground Up


for I.B.C. Members!

If you are not an I.B.C. member, please reach out to us to see if you qualify.


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